Nocturnal migrations of Melampus bidentatus, the coffee-bean snail

A time-lapse video of the coffee-bean snail, Melampus bidnetatus in the Plum Island Estuary in the Great Marsh in Rowley, Massachusetts. Taken in mid-July. You can see the snails flood into a foodpath and climb the stems at night. Why do they climb the stems? Food? Predators? We're not sure. 

Time-lapse by David Johnson. Video created by Bethany Williams.

Purple marsh crab eating cordgrass

Video of the Purple marsh crab (Sesarma reticulatum) feeding on cordgrass (Spartina alterniflora) the most abundant plant in east coast salt marshes. Notice how it is in the middle of the day. Common knowledge says that Sesarma are nocturnal, but we have seen plenty roaming around in broad daylight in the mid-Atlantic. Video taken in Lower Phillips Creek Marsh, Nassawadox, Virginia by Bethany Williams.

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